When the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) published the 2017 Ratings List, they made all of the underlying data from 1.8 million ‘bulk valuations’ of non-residential property available in a .csv file totalling over 740MB, with an accompanying Technical Guide.

Whilst the raw data is extremely rich and comprehensive, the recommendation…

Households in England have endured increasing housing costs in recent years. Who is paying for this, and who is benefiting?

What is the housing situation of households in England?

As shown in Figure 1, almost two-thirds of households in England are owner occupiers, with the majority of these having paid off any mortgage used to purchase the property.


Highlighting the best policies from the Labour and Green Party manifestos for the UK General Election 2015

After months of deliberation on whether to vote Labour or Green, filling out all the quizzes that I could find, I sat down with the final versions of their manifestos. …

(Photograph: Ricky Thakrar)

Right, who gets all the money?

The vast majority of public spending is enjoyed by all of us, rather than specific groups. But it’s important to think about ‘when’ rather than ‘who’ — by the time you’re 60, you’ll have contributed about as much in taxes as the cost of buying a couple…

Sometimes we donate to charity more or less on a whim, whilst other times justify a more considered approach. Either way, the following tips may help you make a more fulfilling and impactful decision.

Picking a particular charity

Why are you donating?

Understanding why you are donating will usually determine how much you want to donate, how regularly…

Ricky Thakrar

Planning and development surveyor / economic development specialist. Lifelong learner, writing about cities, society and sustainability.

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